EBTV #1: Five Tips to Stay Grounded in Uncertain Times

I don’t know if any of you are noticing, but there’s a lot going on in the world. There’s a lot of tumult and a lot of movement. A lot of changes. A lot of transitions. When that happens we start to kind of feel insecure and we need tools for how to actually stay more secure when all the things around us feel chaotic or in transition.

I’m going to share with you five tools that you can use right now to help bring your awareness, pull your energy, pull your sovereignty into your body which is one of the things that we can have control over even though sometimes we don’t think of it that way.

When things around us are changing, this is how to stay  grounded, connected, aligned, and powerful. Watch the video above for a demonstration.

  1. Find your feet.

People often stand with their feet pretty wide, thinking that that’s the most stable thing. When when I push down on someone’s shoulders who has their feet wide, there’s a little bit of buckling. You can feel it in the back and in the knees, it’s not actually such a solid position. With downward pressure, you can see there’s  a lot of movement there, which means you have to work really hard to stay upright in the face of forces coming at you.

Now most of us think that our hips are right here. That’s what we’ve been taught. Put your hands on your hips, but that’s not where your hips actually are. Your hips are actually right here. ….If we bring the feet parallel and hip width apart, just that goes a long way in terms of making that alignment and giving you a much stronger stance.

  1. Loosen the knees.

A lot of people lock their knees as a habit and they hyperextend their knees back. That locks down our ability to deal with forces, physical and energetic coming into our body, into our world. With the knees softer and more resilient, it allows our responsiveness to actually come into being. Feet parallel and hip width, knees easy, soft, unlocked.

  1. Use your tension with intention.

Now, most people have tension lots of places right? But these are strategic places where you can actually put tension that’s gonna make a huge difference in terms of creating a sense of sovereignty. Research says that felons and bullies actually choose their victims based on their posture and how they’re moving. We don’t want to be victims. We want to be in that place of power. So we’re going to take this area right at the belt buckle and draw that area in. So you’re engaging that muscle right there, bringing the tension in at the rib cage. Hardly anybody pays any attention to the ribcage but I gotta tell you,  it’s got way more going on than you think.

  1. Lengthen the collarbones.

If you shorten the collarbones it’s gonna bring the shoulders and the shoulder blades forward, but if you lengthen the collarbones, it will put tension right back in between the shoulder blades.

5. Now try them all at the same time!

So now,  knees soft and unlocked and feet parallel and hip width, feel what happens, you are super solid and immovable. Check it out for yourself! There’s no longer a pushover happening here. You will even be able to see it in your face. Who knew posture could make you feel clear and radiant?

It actually creates an invincibility. There is almost a force field that happens where you say with your body, “I am not a victim. I am actually empowered in my body,” and I have to tell you, it works like a charm.

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