Scoliosis Mythbusting

November 1, 2016

Wow!  How time flies!  I arrived in SF 2 years ago just before Thanksgiving to begin the search for apartments.  I really can’t believe how fast it’s gone!  

Knowing how fast time flies, I am grateful for my client, Henrietta, who has amazing foresight.  I know that a decade can fly by faster than a speeding train, especially the later ones! I also know what kind of physical changes occur in that decade.  And it is sobering.  On top of that, I also know what amazing changes one can make in the other  direction when receiving the proper care and is taught the correct alignment with the design of the body.  Henrietta has scoliosis.  She has had it since her teens, wore a back brace in those teen years (as well as braces on her teeth) And while she is not in constant pain with her back, she knows that her alignment is essential as she moves forward.  (She is only in her 40’s)  The next couple of decades are critical for her that she move in the remedial direction rather than the degenerative direction.  

We have been working with the alignment of her spine, reigniting the movement of her (originally) moving parts (spinal segments, pelvis, hips, etc… these have all been relatively “glued” together to protect the other non-moving parts: Don’t think this is just about Henrietta:  we all have this going on in various degrees for sure)  I am watching her move into a straighter, taller posture, and take control of how she stands, using her body more akin to its design.  It is marvelous to see!  I predict a way easier future for her as she moves forward into her 50’s and 60’s and beyond.


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