EBTV #5: If I Had a Hammer

It’s a new year! Did this last year go fast or what? I felt like the captain never turned off the fasten seatbelt sign because we were just going so fast, with so much turbulence the whole ride!

But, it is the new year, and in addition to all the celebration it’s a time of year when we start to think, “Now, what could I improve about my life and how would I like to feel better?” We turn to our fitness goals, we turn to exercise and we turn to making our body feel as good as we can.

As my trainer, Leo, says, “Motion is lotion.” I’m a huge fan of movement. Movement is better than no movement. When I look around at the people exercising around me, I see that they’re kind of killing themselves in the name of health and fitness. They’re driving themselves so hard and it’s really hard on the body. And they really don’t know.

When we’re working on or bodies, we want to make sure that the body is aligned. Let’s say you were hammering a nail. When we’re repeating movement thousands of times a day, we want to make sure that the nail is actually straight. Because if the nail is not straight every time, the hammer continues to put pressure on it and the nail is going to get more and more and more bent.

I’m passionate about people feeling good and being safe and being fit and doing it in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable, because that’s really the point isn’t? The point is that we all want this: we want our body to last as long as our minds, and to enjoy it as long as we want. My work and research is about how to stay out of pain and actually reverse some of those things that we consider to be normal in the aging process, where most of us believe physical decline is inevitable. It’s not.

Ready to start off the year pain-free? Download my free 5 Secrets to a Pain-Free Body Cheat Sheet and start saying your goodbyes to pain for good. 

Stay tuned for more on how to live the life you deserve in the body you want to live in.


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