EBTV #9 Moldable Clay


People come to me specifically because their bodies change and they’re often surprised at how much they really change. A common belief is that our bodies can’t change. I want to talk to you today about how moldable this clay of our body really is.

I was a potter for many years.  I spent a lot of time with my hands in clay. What I loved about it was that it can be molded in any way, whether it’s on a wheel and you’re shaping with the force of the wheel, or if you’re hand-building with your hands. My hands in clay felt so amazing because as long as I had the skill, I could make it do whatever I wanted. It could be used in tiles or for wall pieces or for functional things or for beauty. It was amazing. It was very, very responsive.

What I love about handmade pottery is that my hands are all over the vessel. It’s like my fingerprints are being worn in the shape of a vessel. It’s imprintable, it’s responsive, and you can change it in any way that you want.

Now unlike clay, we don’t fire our bodies in the way that makes them completely set and nonnegotiable. However, there is a quote that says that, “What fires together, wires together.” The more you use your body in a certain way, the more it glues into that pattern. I spoke last time, in my last video, about patterns and how changeable they really are. The clay of our body is very, very moldable.

I have a client, Kaye. She’s 60 years old and she just looked like everything was being pulled down. I don’t know if you have had that experience, but as we age, a lot of people say, “ h, you know, I feel like I don’t have any energy,” or, “ Everything feels tight and stiff.” What I can do with this moldable clay is I can lift that up so that it’s more free and more fun and more joyful, and easier to live in.

I have another client, Martin. His knee was bone on bone. Of course I know that sounds extremely dramatic and like a sentence for surgery. “I have bone on bone. My surgeon says I have to have surgery.” I understand that and I get that. If you’re painted into a certain corner, it’s really good to have options, and surgery is an option.

On the other hand, when we mold the clay of our bodies into proper alignment, then what happens is that the pain that is associated with the bone on bone is no longer there. I teach people how to actually live in that zone of no pain even though they have the bone on bone, or no cartilage, situation. That’s powerful. All kinds of things are changeable that we assume are not. I work with bodies all the time, all day long. I’ve been working with them for almost 40 years. What happens is nothing short of amazing.

So how you can start to play with this clay that is entirely moldable? What are the things that help to shape us?

One is breath. Now breath literally, obviously, only goes into the lungs from an anatomical, physiological perspective. On the other hand, the effect of breath goes everywhere in your body. When I breathe, every bone in my body is responsive to that breath. Breath helps to expand the tissue, which is the clay.

When breath is actually added with stretch, one of the foundational pieces of yoga, it helps to lengthen the tissues, create more space in the tissues, and feels amazing. I think this might be why yoga has risen to such popularity. People feel like their clay is moldable.

Finally, there’s a law in your body that says that your body responds to the pictures that you feed it. I’m going to be writing on this soon, so stay tuned. For today, just know that what you picture in your mind becomes the reality that your body lives. Start to notice what pictures you’re sending to your body. That’s what you’re living out, and you can choose what pictures you take in.

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