EBTV #12: Interview with Jeff van Dyk

Last week I had an awesome interview with my friend, Jeffrey van Dyk. We talked about the magical powers of body transformation. Check it out! Here’s the transcript. 

Jeffrey Van Dyk: Hey gang.

Erin Burch: We’re in Los Angeles and we just had a VIP day. A VIP day is six hours with me where we go through sort of soup to nuts what your body’s been doing, breaking it down, and then building it back up in a way that’s really more sustainable. I just want to hear from Jeffrey, what was your experience?

Jeffrey Van Dyk: Personally I want to say why I was interested in it, which is I ripped a ligament in my ankle 15 years ago and it clicks when I walk incessantly. The biggest thing for me was this shoulder has always kind of ridden high and when I work out and lift it gets really aggravated. I’ve been thinking okay gosh, if this is getting aggravated every time I lift, what’s going to happen 20 years from now if I keep lifting and keep aggravating it?

Those were the two big reasons, and also I have some big hikes coming up in the desert and my lower back gets sore when I hike for long periods of time. When Erin and I were talking about her work and about structural alignment in the body and letting the body move freely again I was like, “Oh, there’s parts of my body that don’t move so freely right now, maybe we should do that.” We’ve been here at my house in LA for the day and it’s been really, really cool. I feel like if you ever studied a lot and you feel like your brain is brrr, brrr, brrr because there’s so many new ideas, it feels like my body is doing that. My body is a brain and my body’s like oh, oh, there’s all these different places where I’ve been holding and I told Erin it feels like I’ve unconsciously had Aqua Net sprayed in different areas and all these different muscle groups and joints have been fused together.

I haven’t known how to unfuse them and these joints haven’t known how to unfuse themselves. Really I feel like my experience was, with your support, parts of my body learning how to release and unfuse themselves so that I have more articulation of different parts of my body that can then move freely in ways that things before were more like kunk, kunk, kunk. I feel like my body is sort of alive with all sorts of new ideas it has, and I think my brain will catch up with my body over the next couple days.

I’ve had a lot of massage and I’ve been to cranial sacral people and I studied Alexander Technique and I’ve done a lot of different stuff, but this is a first thing that I feel like really helped different parts of my body remember what they’re actually meant to be doing so they can do it effectively and sustainably.

Erin Burch: That’s exactly it. When you follow the body’s design, surprise it works really well. That’s basically what it is is recapturing that connection to oh, what did that feel like when it worked? Getting that to get back into the system so that there’s that recognition of oh right, I remember how that felt when I was a kid when it was just free and easy. Turns out that kind of stuff is actually something you can recoup.

Jeffrey Van Dyk: If there’s a takeaway, I think the takeaway for me is this and it might be something useful for you. One of the things Erin said at the beginning of the day is that our body is bugged, meaning if the FBI went and put bugs all over your house and could listen in in your conversations in your house, our nerves are like those bugs in our body. We have the ability to listen in and in the listening find what wants to separate that’s been fused together. If there’s one takeaway I would have it’s to take a moment, on a regular basis, and listen in, especially the parts that are like, “Hey, over here, this hurts.” Because it probably has some information for you that maybe you just haven’t tuned into yet.

Erin Burch: Yes, that’s exactly right. I think it’s really essential that we start to reconnect with our bodies. We think about our sensation as being outward focused and this gives us a way to actually take that and use an inward focus to learn from our bodies because our bodies are so full of wisdom and rich resource and information, and when we just take that moment it actually works to inform us how it wants to be worked with and it’s really brilliant when that happens.

Jeffrey Van Dyk: Yes, awesome. This lady’s pretty brilliant herself. Thanks much everybody.

Sounds good, right?

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