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It’s a well-known fact that serious injuries can often lead to arthritic changes later in life.

What is less well-known is HOW it happens, and how even ‘minor’ injuries compromise athletic performance and create unnecessary aging.


  • The connective tissue system is compromised and restricted
  • The forces (external or internal) overwhelm the structures
  • Old injuries create restrictions that don’t allow full extensibility of the tissues
  • Alignment is faulty, leading to compensation
  • There is inadequate strength or tension in the Core Container™


The Burch Method™ is a unique and original method for identifying and treating old injuries and preventing future injuries. Old, incompletely healed injuries predispose the body for future injury and “haunt” the structural integrity. This makes it increasingly difficult for the athlete to perform with optimal ease. The body’s design is brilliant, and when adhered to, is built to last and will add a competitive edge to any athletic endeavor. The Burch Method™ is like a radar for injuries that are not properly healed.

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We Recognize That:
  • An injury affects the WHOLE body
  • Injuries are a result of a cascade of events… Nothing fails in a vacuum
  • The root of the problem lies in the subtle, dysfunctional movement and tissue patterns
  • What you don’t know can still hurt you
  • The removal of pain is not always an indicator that the injury is healed
  • Teaching athletes to use the design of their body is necessary for better performance, healing, & prevention of future injuries
  • Teaching athletes how to be in partnership with their body is an essential skill
  • It is pleasurable to be back in your body the way that it was meant to be

“Erin has a unique gift for peeling away the layers of injury and compensation and inspiring my body to “remember” that feeling of ease. I have worked with many top bodyworker professionals, and she is definitely in their league.  My shoulder, injured from professional sports, went from stiff and painful to melting into the table. It hasn’t felt like that in many years!”

Bo Eason Former NFL Player, International Speaker, Broadway Performer

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