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Have you ever wondered what was possible for your body?

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Have you ever wondered what was possible for your body?  Most people don’t.  We’ve all had copious helpings of the kool-aid that dictates that pain and aging are “normal.”  The docs tell us to expect that:  Things giving out and wearing down.  But what if… there was way more available?  If you are a high performing C-level exec,  Entrepreneur or Athlete who is wondering if there’s more… then this very special program is for you.

The Body Mastery Program consists of Four (4) VIP Days (6 Hours with me!) that are scheduled quarterly throughout the year, followed by Zoom calls interspersed between the VIP Days to ensure that the changes we have made together are continuing to deepen.  It’s not unusual for people to look and feel 10 years younger! These changes are the cornerstones for creating the shifts in your body body and future will exceed your expectations in a way that you probably never even dreamed were possible!  The nature of the scheduling allows High Performers from all over the world who are willing to travel to access the genius of The Burch Method!

Have you ever wondered how people get “old?” Have you ever looked at someone hunched over and shuffling along and thought: “I don’t want to end up like that!”  (They probably did too!)  Maybe you’ve seen your parents or other family members “shrink” with age…How do we avoid that fate?

Is it really possible to feel younger, regain lost athletic skills, range of motion, and a feeling of ease and grace?  The answer is an unequivocal “YES!”  Seemingly inevitable outcomes of aging are under the microscope and we are now finding that the things we considered to be “normal aging” are in fact, not.

My Body Mastery Program is the fastest and most powerful way to achieve what has been considered “impossible!”  Like Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile, we reconfigure what the body is actually capable of.

Each Day-long VIP session begins with an assessment of where you currently are, and what you want to achieve.  From there, we unmask and unravel the patterns that have been keeping you stuck and using a combination of hands on work, movement, and teaching, we build you a body that is way more integrated, functionally higher performing and more easeful and embodied.

I will teach you strategies, exercises and awareness to completely shift your sense of how you sit, stand, walk, (and more), comprehensively building a completely new YOU.  These strategies will continue to serve you in the weeks, months and years ahead, generating a truly sustainable body.

At the end of the session, clients have been known to literally “hop” off the table and look like a new person. One client’s spouse even said he looked “ten years younger!” Just from one day with me!

*This program requires a level of commitment to reach the miraculous results that are possible.

Mature woman running in race
Rave Review by
Erin Delaney

“If you do one thing this year, hire Erin. The Burch Method and working with Erin will change your life! After one VIP session with her and integrating the Burch Method into my routine, my years of nagging hip and knee pain have disappeared. I travel over 100,000 per year in my career, and for the first time, I have not gotten off of a plane feeling stiff and in pain. I have more energy and more stamina than I did in my 40's. Erin is the best at what she does. Period.”

Sarah Simoneaux SCS Consultants, International speaker and financial trainer

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