Have you ever wondered what was possible for your body?  Most people don’t.  We’ve all had copious helpings of the kool-aid that dictates that pain and aging are “normal”  The docs tell us to expect that:  Things giving out and wearing down.  But what if… there was way more available.If you are a high performing C-level exec,  Entrepreneur or Athlete who is wondering if there’s more… then this very special program is for you.  Four quarterly 6-hour days with me, follow up Skype calls to make sure that the changes are holding and you are on your way to the kind of difference in your body and life that you may not even dreamed was possible!  (*This program allows High Performers from all over the world take advantage of what I uniquely offer) 

Have you ever wondered how people get “old?” Have you ever looked at someone hunched over and shuffling along and thought: “I don’t want to end up like that!”  (They probably did too!)  How do we avoid that fate?

Is it really possible to feel younger, regain lost athletic skills, range of motion, and a feeling of ease and grace?  The answer is an unequivocal “YES!”  Seemingly inevitable outcomes of aging are under the microscope and we are now finding that the things we considered to be “normal aging” are in fact, not. My Body Mastery Program is the exact way to get there.

Each day-long session begins with an assessment of where you have come from and where you are currently in your body.  From there, we blow the roof off.  “Leveling the playing field” is where we start, unmasking and unraveling the patterns that have kept you stuck, and we move into building that back up to a more integrated, more functional place of higher performance, embodiment and ease.  I will teach you strategies, exercises and awareness to completely shift your sense of how you sit, stand, walk, (and more), comprehensively building a completely new YOU.  These strategies will continue to serve you in the weeks, months and years ahead, generating a truly sustainable body.

At the end of the session, clients have been known to literally “hop” off the table and look like a new person. One client’s spouse even said he looked “ten years younger!” Just from one day with me!

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