The COMPLETE step-by-step process to reverse the path that you’re on, away from pain, aging,  physical deterioration, and step into complete full-bodied connection.

This is the tool that I leaned on most heavily when I was healing myself from a broken, painful and twisted body. It has been tested by many others as well.  It delivers!

This program is designed to provide you with ongoing learning, tools, and group support so that you can develop habits that support the changes you want to make.


You don’t believe that change is possible.

You’ve given your power over to the medical industry.

You’re stuck, where you’re not getting any worse but you’re not getting any better.

You live with pain every day and have no idea what to do about it.

You think it’s someone else’s job to heal you.


You know that with the right step-by-step practices and guidance, you’ll be able to…
  • Extend the quality of your life. Accomplish a life goal of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or completing your first triathlon.
  • Have more confidence that will ripple through all areas of your life.
  • Be able to do the things you couldn’t do before – from sitting cross legged on the floor, to being able to run again, to climbing mountains.
  • Show pain the door, and invite ease into your life.
  • Stand taller, walk with purposeful grace, and feel more vibrantly you.
  • Tame your tension to feel a sense of peace, relaxation and connectedness you thought was reserved for monks.

Hard to imagine? Using these techniques, I went from feeling broken and headed towards a future of certain suffering and immobility, to feeling joyful, younger, and capable. I learned how to speak the language of my own body and be a part of the conversation of how I feel and create the power to change it. 

We are not “stuck” with anything.  YOU have the power to change it. It CAN change with your guidance and connection.

I invite you along on the journey to build the body that you are excited to live in, now and into the future.

Join me on this journey for 6 months and get back in the driver’s seat of your life. From there, you can go where you want with your body, your energy, and your life.

The group program includes:
  • Two 1.5-hour live group calls every month, where I’ll offer my best teachings on the way to heal your own body from the inside out. (recordings available)
  • A small, intimate group with individual attention and targeted advice
  • Guided practices delivered to your inbox every week to structure and enhance your experience and learning.
  • Three personal calls with me to make sure that you are getting the most out of the program and practices.
  • A Progress Partner, with two structured check-in calls every month.
  • Membership in a private Facebook group (for life!) where your questions will be answered and stories shared to keep you motivated and engaged in the practices.
  • My individual support through e-mail and texting.
  • 100% Online!

Have a question? Get in touch! Contact me here.

I can’t wait to take you on the journey of a lifetime, to learn how to traverse the inner workings and mysteries of your body, transforming your body into a fluid, youthful, empowered, body with newfound physical freedom.

It’s even better than it sounds. And its yours if you want it.