Erin Burch

Be painless, Be ageless, Be radiant.

About Me

As a masterful body sculptor, I draw on 38 years of physical therapy, yoga and the experience of using my inside-out approach to heal my own body from a crippling fate.

I’ve worked with iconic actors, rock stars, and athletes, and thousands of clients who sought freedom from pain, enhanced sports performance, reversal of the aging process, and postural well-being.  My pioneering work through The Burch Method revolutionizes how and what we understand about the marvel of the human body, what it is capable of, and how we can work with it. Re-aligning bodies to the fluid, easeful mobility of youth is my passion, and I teach how to get there, regardless of restrictions, pain, age, and injuries. I “see” things that others miss and excel at detecting underlying patterns that create or worsen symptoms and returning clients to their body’s original design of movement and function with ease and grace in a way that is often described as “magical.”

I’ve played the harp, successfully produced and sold Raku pottery, SCUBA dived in Honduras with dolphins and rock-climbed in the Italian Alps.  I also love snowboarding, yoga, biking, hiking, and movement in almost any form.

Among the experiences I treasure most are the home-birth and raising of my daughter, Lauren, and healing my own body from the contorting effects of massive scar tissue.


I’d like to share a little miracle! After using The Burch Method to reverse my painful and imprisoning scar tissue, I was able to bust out a cartwheel like I had done in my youth...After not doing one for 40 years! Check it out.

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