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Mom’s Workshops

There are very real and not-always-apparent changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, after birth, and from C-section surgery. The structural changes that happen as a result of creating life are potentially serious, and, if left untreated, can negatively affect your body for decades to come.

Athletic Screening

It’s a well-known fact that serious injuries can often lead to arthritic changes later in life. What is less well-known is HOW it happens, and how even ‘minor’ injuries compromise athletic performance.


Erin Burch, PT is a pioneer in the field of Mind Body healing and passionate about helping people perform at their highest. She has worked with Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, rock icons and network executives, helping them to be on top of their game.

Restore & Renew Series

Do you have an old injury that is impacting your alignment and ease of motion, want to improve your game, are concerned about the physical deterioration of aging or feeling plain old out of whack? My Restore & Renew series is perfect for you. We’ll get you on the table for ten sessions and straighten you right out, with coaching and guidance to integrate the shifts we make into your lifestyle.

Body Mastery Program

Try my Body Mastery Program for a miracle-making one-stop shop. This program is made up of four 6 hour sessions, where clients have been known to see jaw-dropping changes in just one day! This package is ideal for professional athletes and high-level executives.

Luscious For Life Mastermind

Different from the Women’s Liberation Movement from the past several decades, the “Feminine Rising” is a new phase that honors the feminine values and embraces the expression of them.  In this Year-long program, we go into riveting and engaging depth of: What does it take to be Juicy, Sexy, Indispensable, and Vital for Life?

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