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Embodiment is at the heart of a fruitful and radiant life. It’s the true Partnership between the self and the body, leaning into the highest expression of our humanity, and links us to the Core of Connection with all things.


The first half of our life is largely scripted by familial, cultural and embedded expectations. The second half needn’t follow that same course...can you feel a beckoning to follow a deeper, more resonant call?


The Goddesses that permeated all cultures and embodied the qualities of abundance, healing, compassion, strength, bravery and more have left clues for our earthly existence. Connecting to those qualities invite us to deepen into and live from a place of confidence, empowerment and vitality, no matter what our chronological age.


True, deep and sustainable health encompasses all of our aspects: our humanity and our divinity. Weaving together these facets brings us a sense of spaciousness, peace and a boldness to reach for our highest dreams.

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Episode 4: Creating Confidence in Finance

by Erin Burch (featuring Susie Fabrocini) | September 17th, 2018

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Episode 3: Hijacking Hot Flashes

by Erin Burch (featuring Vicki Murphy) | September 17th, 2018

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Episode 2: Wild Goddess Alive

by Erin Burch (featuring Jaycie Cormac) | September 17th, 2018

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Episode 1: Hey, Luscious Listeners!

by Erin Burch | September 6th, 2018

As a woman in midlife, I see possibilities and empowerment. My intention is to crest a magical midlife experience where women step into their Agelessness, Beauty and Radiance like never before!

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Dear Luscious Listeners,

This is what lies in my heart. I’ve been a guest on other podcasts, and within a week of the episodes airing, I received 2 emails from people who reached out to me because of the pain that they were in, and the limited life they are leading because of it. This stirs me. A sense of purpose wells up in me.

Looking good and feeling good as a woman are vital. And I don’t mean we are all beauty queens, embodying the culture’s definition of what is beautiful… I mean we are all BEAUTIFUL QUEENS! We are ourselves, not defined from the outside in, but from the inside out. I am leading a Revolution, one that teaches true EMBODIMENT - that mystique that flows through each one of us. That radiance that is our life blood. That ineffable Goddess-given quality that we entered this world with and most definitely is still there.

This podcast is for you, the midlife woman who longs to reclaim that essence.

To learn more about joining me as my quest or having me on your podcast, schedule a complimentary call with me!

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