She speaks passionately about how to create a painless, ageless, radiant body!

Erin Burch, PT

"The Body Whisperer"


Erin Burch, PT is a pioneer in the field of Mind Body healing and passionate about helping people perform at their highest. She has worked with Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, rock icons and network executives, helping them to be on top of their game.

Creator of the Core Container™ System for living without pain and aging with grace, Erin has lived this work in depth. She is a testimony to what she speaks about, after healing herself from aggressive, scar tissue, chronic pain and limited movement.

She speaks passionately about how to create a painless, ageless, radiant body!



  • Wake up in the morning and bound out of bed
  • Walk into a room with authority and confidence
  • Build rapport, instantly – on camera and in person
  • Shed the stiffness, pain and limitations that are “normal aging”
  • Perform anything better: golf, tennis, biking…


  • Women in Mid-life Determined to Reverse Aging
  • High Performing Entrepreneurs
  • C-Level Executives


Become an Ageless Goddess
We go into riveting and engaging depth of: What does it take to be Juicy, Sexy, Indispensable, and Vital for Life? Key Learning Takeaways:

  • What actually causes aging and what you can do about it
  • How the Fountain of Youth is as close as your body
  • Why the outside-in answers are only “band-aids”

“Back to Ferrari”
Avoiding the usual traps of pain and aging in 3 simple steps! Key Learning Takeaways:

  • How to shift a paradigm that ages you unnecessarily
  • How to get Out of your Head and Into Your Body (It’s a really good place to be!)
  • How to Reverse Your Aging Process

“Upping Your Invincibility Factor!”
Learn to stand and deliver your most authentic, empowered and connected Self! Key Learning Takeaways:

  • How to stand for long periods of time without pain or discomfort
  • How to derail any conflict
  • How to show up as Your Most Confident Self!

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Monthly Gatherings: Sister Suppers

Erin Burch hosts a dinner at her home for women to connect. Join her in bringing together a community of women to break bread, share ideas and love each other right up. $25 donation. 100% of profits go to A21. To learn more, go to http://www.a21.org/content/human-trafficking/gnjb89

Coming Soon: "Ageless Goddess Dinners"

Join Erin and other local women at a local Marin restaurant or venue and share stories and learn more about the Ageless Goddess Mastermind.

Upcoming Weekend Workshop - Embody The Goddess

Date: October 26-28, 2018
Friday: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Pacific
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific
Cost: $597 Bring a friend for FREE!
Address: The Hivery, 38 Miller Ave #20, Mill Valley, CA 94941

There is no doubt that we are living in extraordinary times, where the Feminine is Rising and there is a Reclamation on many levels and Empowerment of that which has been struggling to be seen. Embodiment is a huge and necessary piece of that Sovereignty.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Experience your True, Designed, Effortless and Goddess-given Posture
  • Feel taller, look 5 lbs thinner and appear Regal, Graceful and Elegant
  • Learn how to move and walk in that way so that people will be amazed at your Feline Grace
  • Claim what it's like to Never Be A Victim Again with nothing but your Alignment and the Power of your Body Language
  • Experience the powerful feeling of your engaged and functional Core Container™ and how it is a complete Game-Changer for staying younger
  • Explore how tension can be re-directed into the Core Container™ for an ungluing of your moving parts to reclaim the feeling of freedom, lightness and floating

“She changed my relationship with my feet and my body forever!”
PJ Van Hulle

“I recently had a VIP Experience with Erin Burch, and the impact was dramatic. The pain was gone, I had more mobility, and I was back on my bike.”
Jeff Walker
Author of Launch

“Erin is a Master at what she does. She can take you out of crisis or completely elevate your performance. Her touch is nothing short of miraculous!”
– Sally Rubin
Author of The Overfunctioning Woman

“After a 2 minute knee alignment I was skipping up the steps like I haven’t in years and started hiking again with my family!  I no longer take Advil.”
 – Rick Barker
Taylor Swift’s Former Manager

“Erin is a Master of the Body, Mind and Spirit. I walked in with twinges of sciatica pain and left with the ability to eliminate the pain myself! Erin really ensures that I internalized how to be pain-free on my own. I left feeling powerful, deeply connected to my body, and Sovereign. I’d recommend her workshops to anyone wanting deeper connection to their body and to feel very powerful!”
Chloe Good
Life Coach

"In Your Face Podcast" with Denise Duff

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