37c4dfa.jpg“My yoga practice has been rejuvenated and my overall flexibility has increased. I have worked with almost every type of body work, physical therapy, and strength building approach in my 57 years, and nothing has been as powerful as my work with Erin.”

      Patton Sarley, Former CEO Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

Jeff-Walker_product-launch-formula-internet-marketing-plan1.jpg“I live a very active lifestyle, including mountain biking, running, kayaking, and skiing. I love to do all those things (and more), and I play just as hard as I did 20 years ago. Of course, my body isn’t as forgiving as it used to be… and I’m in a constant battle to keep my muscles and joints pain-free. I recently had a VIP Experience with Erin Burch, and the impact was dramatic. The pain was gone, I had more mobility, and I was back on my bike. And I was now equipped with life-long strategies to keep me out of the pain and on the trails! Erin Burch is a force to be reckoned with and she has managed to create ease and flow in my body. Thank you Erin!”

Jeff Walker, Author of “Launch”

FB-Outdoors.jpg“Before working with Erin, I regularly had to use a wheelchair and walking boot due to multiple foot injuries and fractures. Since working with Erin two years ago, I have not had to use either the chair or the boot, and have successfully started a walking program pain-free!”

     Amethyst Mahoney, Founder of Spiritual Badass


“There’s something special about Erin… Within one hour, she had me totally standing different. I was feeling better. I felt like a champion. I had a pain in my shoulders and back that would always get tight and sore, and I haven’t had that since. I don’t know what kind of miracles she worked on me… It’s been a couple of months now, and as long as I remain aware, I notice differences in my body that I’ve never seen before.”

Keith Decker, Massage Marketing Agency

screenshot-2016-12-20-15-28-20“Treatment by Erin turns out to be a voyage of self-discovery…She is a “healer” the way Socrates was a “teacher;” She knows and intuitively understands the wisdom of the body, of the body’s ability constantly to re-discover itself and to heal itself.  And she has a rare and unique ability to impart that intuitive understanding to others.

The body has a remarkably resilient design, and it is designed for movement. Erin understands that design better than any “medical” person of any credentials I have ever encountered.

I now stand differently than I did 5 years ago.  I sit differently.  I drive a car differently.  I breathe differently.  I run and bike differently.  And I do all of these things with much less pain than I did 5 years ago… I’m still a work-in- progress, but I’m much healthier because I found the right teacher.”

Dan Brannen, Owner of DJB Event Consultants, Inc.