It’s hard to imagine a truly amazing-feeling body. In fact, most people have no idea how good their body could feel.  Most people think that a lack of pain is the same as feeling good. Most of us don’t even remember that sense of complete physical ease they had as children. That’s what I mean by disconnection. But imagine for a moment sitting around playing duck-duck-goose. Did you have the incredible ease of  transition from sitting to running, the lightning speed and joy of motion?  Did you feel the fluidity in your spine and your joints ? How well would your body do that now? If you could sit cross legged on the floor, would it be a five step process to go from sitting to standing? And then to go from standing to running, would it be another 2 or 3 ?

What if you could recapture that fluidity and ease? What if you had access to that feeling again?
No matter what the journey your body has taken, moving back towards that is possible.

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I’m Erin Burch. Welcome to the Burch Method.

Revolutionizing the way you relate to and live in your body.

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When I put my hands on my client’s body, a conversation begins. It’s a co-created conversation. I know I’m doing something, because I’m following directions and feeling the results happen immediately in my hands, and the client absolutely feels it too. That’s the second part of the conversation. I am connected with their BLUEPRINT, the untainted part of themselves they may not even know is there. It is the pure part, and that directs me.

Through this intuitive inquiry process with words and sensations, my clients are guided to access points and sensations they never have before, and understand their body in an entirely new way. There’s a feeling of being completely safe and completely seen in my hands. I’m in dialogue with their body. I understand, because I’m right there with them, and together, we are going to change this. This is what I call intuitive conversation. Guided by this process, I bring together three key elements to create deep and lasting healing for my clients and their bodies, that isn’t just a quick fix where you leave feeling great and then come back like nothing ever changed. Through applying this system to my own body, I was able to reverse severely crippling scar tissue, and return my body back to the way it was supposed to feel. I’ve seen it transform hundreds of bodies, and I know it works.

The 3 Elements are: 

  • Alignment: Physically returning the structures of the body back to where they are designed to be, so that you experience the fluidity and flow that is your natural state no matter your age or history.
  • Attunement: Teaching you the lost language of Sensation; what it means, and how to respond to it intelligently, so that you can enter into the healing conversation with your own body and begin to shift your internal landscape. Because when you can feel  what is happening, you can do something about it!
  • Assembly: We have a fundamental problem:  having a lot of moving parts and holding them together.   By re-building integrated Core Structures, you cultivate empowerment, deeper  presence, better performance and freedom from pain.

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I spent many years as a physical therapist doing great work, and my clients would still come back in roughly the same shape as the first time, just by returning to their same habits and patterns, as familiar to them as the ground they walk on. My question is: How can I support you and what can I teach you so that when you walk out of my office, you know what to do so that you come back with different awareness, different patterns, and different outcomes? If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.Until you start changing that inner conversation, you’re going to get results that reflect those patterns, even if the original pain or symptom has shifted. This is what the Burch Method is all about, the sum of all of these parts. It’s an applied and complete healing system that brings any body back towards its original state of flow, ease of movement, youthful fluidity and strength, regardless of your history of pain, injury, or aging.

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    Mom’s Workshops

woman cuddling babyThere are very real and not-always-apparent changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, after birth, and from C-section surgery. The structural changes that happen as a result of creating life are potentially serious, and, if left untreated, can negatively affect your body for decades to come. Learn more. 

   Athletic Screening

Guy about to runIt’s a well-known fact that serious injuries can often lead to arthritic changes later in life. What is less well-known is HOW it happens, and how even ‘minor’ injuries compromise athletic performance. Learn more. 

   Restore & Renew Series

1Do you have an old injury that is impacting your alignment and ease of motion, want to improve your game, are concerned about the physical deterioration of aging or feeling plain old out of whack? My Restore & Renew series is perfect for you. We’ll get you on the table for ten sessions and straighten you right out, with coaching and guidance to integrate the shifts we make into your lifestyle. Learn more. 

   Body Mastery Program

2Try my Body Mastery Program for a miracle-making one-stop shop. This program is made up of four 6 hour sessions, where clients have been known to see jaw-dropping changes in just one day! This package is ideal for professional athletes and high-level executives. Learn more here.

   Kinesthetic Conjuring: Creating Miracles in Your Body, 6-Month Online Training

3The best of both worlds!  Online and Live… I will teach you exactly how to create the kind of miracles in your body that I created in mine: reversing aging, increasing energy, eliminating pain, amping performance, and much, much more! Join me for Kinesthetic Conjuring, my 6-month online training program, where you will learn my system and how to create the body you want to live in, step by step. Learn more. 


Headshot of ErinErin Burch, PT is a pioneer in the field of Mind Body healing and passionate about helping people perform at their highest. She has worked with Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, rock icons and network executives, helping them to be on top of their game. Learn more. 

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Ready to finally move in your body the way it was designed to move? 

Ready to change your relationship to your body and aging forever?

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